Vinnova has made a directional decision to continue financing The Digital Cellulose Center (DCC) for another five years. The Vinnova five-year evaluation states: “The pioneering excellence of the DCC is promising and potentially revolutionary for the forest sector.”

“We are all within DCC really happy about the positive result from Vinnova and the international evaluation group, and that they are highlighting the promising impact of the digital transformation”, says Centre Director Ursula Hass. “We are now planning for the next phase of the center and how we, together with the industry, can create circular, green electronics that will be able compete with the conventional electronic solutions on the market today.”

Digital Cellulose Center has been reviewed by Vinnova’s external committee. Out of the eight Competence Centers that started 2017, the Digital Cellulose Center is one of the centers that has been recommended to get continued financing. The final decision on the continued financing will be made by Vinnova by the end of October 2022.

Excerpts from the evaluation:

Creating a research centre dedicated to the use of cellulose and cellulose-based materials as components in digital electronics is a bold step in bringing back into focus some of the unique properties of cellulose and lignocellulosic materials.

The anticipated result of DCC is the creation of a technology platform contributing to a significant growth and rejuvenation of the forest industry, enabled by the technology push and the new markets pull. The goal to produce new sustainable, recyclable materials, and integrate them to devices, systems and new electronic products is ambitious and enables the green and digital transformation through green printed electronics.

Given the transformative nature and immense potential of the topic and the excellence of the partners of the consortium, the evaluators recommend continuing to support the centre.