Linkoping University, Laboratory of Organic Electronics

The Laboratory of Organic Electronics includes approximately 80 scientists and students divided into several subgroups, each guided by a principal investigator:
Organic Energy Materials (Xavier Crispin)
Organic Bioelectronics (Daniel Simon)
Printed Electronics (Isak Engquist)
Theory and Modelling (Igor Zozoulenko)
Organic Nanoelectronics (Simone Fabiano)
Organic Photonics and Nano-optics (Magnus Jonsson)
Electronic Plants (Eleni Stavrinidou)
Organic Nanocrystals (Eric Glowacki)
Soft Electronics (Klas Tybrandt)

RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden

RISE Acreo:

RISE Acreo is a Swedish research institute within electronics, optics and communication technologies. As one of Europe’s top research institutes, we provide cutting edge resources and knowledge within electronics, optics and communication technologies. We have the facilities and lab resources to offer advanced R&D as well as small scale production and prototyping. Our mission is to find new ICT-solutions for existing and future demands, creating sustainable growth in industry and society. RISE Acreo has 145 employees in Stockholm/Kista (HQ), Gothenburg, Norrköping, Lund and Hudiksvall.


The digital cellulose center is a tree search associated project.

Treesearch is Sweden’s so far largest investment in creating a collaboration platform for fundamental research, knowledge and competence building in the field of new materials and speciality chemicals from forest raw material. The collaboration between academia, industry, private foundations and the government creates a world-leading, open research environment in the form of a national research platform, which contributes to the development of competences and knowledge that enables future innovations based on the forest.